Help us audit the voters roll by checking your details again. When you check your details we will ask you if they are correct or not and save your answers. Note that we will NEVER ask who you are voting for. We encourage you to keep your vote a secret.
ID Number: (Example 00-000000-X00)
Some Date's of Birth Showing 12:00am also. Please ignore, we are correcting this issue.
Voters Roll Statistics
This report is generated on demand - age statistics will change each day as people have birthdays. It may take a while for this page to load because of the immense volume of data. Please be patient.
Download the Voters Roll
Temporarily suspended. Please use buttons above to download. Use this link to download small, specific sections of the voters roll. Please note that broad searches will take a long time to load, please be patient. The file will be downloaded in CSV format, which you can open in Excel, Word, or Open Office. If you want the entire roll, please use the links above.
Download Discrepancy Reports
We have compiled discrepancy and accuracy reports for people who have checked their details on our website and reported issues.
Zimbabwe Election 2018